Now Your Health Care Can Be Just As Unique As You Are
We need your support to take on our "one size fits all" disease management system and build the future of your personalized health today!
  •  We are considered the "sickest generation" ever 
    with over half of adults 18-65 in the U.S. suffering from a chronic disease.
  •  1 in 3 Americans are prediabetic, a condition that if not treated often leads to type 2 diabetes within five years.
  •  Our goal is to empower this generation to become the healthiest generation ever and we need  your help.
  •  Through EpiBioGenetics™, IQYOU combines 3 critical wellness components - Lifestyle, Biochemical makeup, and your DNA, providing the roadmap for each individual to thrive based upon their unique set of circumstances.
  •  With IQYOU, biohacking your health has become a reality.
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A Market Hungry For Change
$59 Billion
Mobile Health Market Projected Size By 2020
$32 Billion
US Supplement Sales In 2013
8 in 10 consumers want access to their health information
4 Ways To Join The Healthcare Revolution
Today, we are only asking for your interest in becoming a shareholder. In the future, when we are live with our Regulation A funding, that is the time we will ask you to invest and have stock ownership in IQYOU! 
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  • Full Access to Dr. Pizzorno &  other Thought Leaders Live Webinars

Remember.  We are not asking for investment dollars today.  Only your level of interest.
Your Valued Investment Will Be Used For:
Platform Testing
To enhance the science and testing/genomics making up the IQYOU platform, and to optimize the user experience.
Strategic Marketing
Engage customers through strategic content and enhanced marketing communications.
Customer Support
Build our internal team to support health care practitioners so we can provide added value to our valued customers.
Real People Benefit When You Support IQYOU
“I received more feedback for free than I did in paying for a $1,400 health report from my doctor.”

James B., Los Angeles, CA
IQYOU Customer
“Dr. Pizzorno has been a visionary in shaping the future for science-based functional medicine. 

IQYOU will be his lasting legacy to help people from all over the world to make positive changes in their health. 

I’m fortunate to have this opportunity to provide my input into this valuable platform.”

Dr. Nalini Chilkov, L.Ac., O.M.D.
Founder, Integrative Cancer Answers
Best Selling Author: 32 Ways to Outsmart Cancer
Huffington Post Contributor, Speaker on ABC, NBC and recognized leader in OutSmart Cancer Programs
IthrivePH, Inc is “testing the waters” for a possible offering of securities under Regulation A of the JOBS Act. No money or other consideration is being solicited by the company at this time, and if sent in response, will not be accepted. No offer to buy the securities can be accepted and no part of the purchase price can be received until the offering statement is qualified, and any such offer may be withdrawn or revoked, without obligation or commitment of any kind, atany time before notice of its acceptance given after the qualification date. If you indicate interest, your indication of interest involves no obligation or commitment of any kind. If an offering statement has been filed, you may obtain a copy of the most recent version of the Preliminary Offering Circular from Kendall Almerico at Kendall A. Almerico P.A., 1440 G Street NW, Washington DC 20005 or by e-mailing
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